Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Principles of Chemistry

After my AP classes in high school, the first real college course I took was Chemistry. One of the most important things I learned in this class was not to sign up for early morning classes. I guess if you go to bed at a reasonable time, it's okay, but what freshman living in the dorms goes to bed before 1 a.m.? I actually did go to bed early one night, only to find my roommates sneaking into my room with a bowl of warm water. They didn't succeed with their prank, since I hadn't fallen asleep yet, but I had learned the lesson. Stay up late, even if it means you sleep through your early morning classes.

My professor was Scottish, and his TA who taught one day a week was Asian. I had a hard time understanding both of them. The class was in a huge auditorium, which got less and less full every week as people dropped or stopped attending.

Welcome to college.

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