Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Data Communication and Networking

Something I really liked about the Data Communication and Networking course was that it was in the late afternoon one day a week. That was a far cry from my Chemistry class at 8:30 every morning my freshman year.

Something I still wonder about to this day was the deal with the McDonald's cup my instructor would be sipping on every class. It was one of those jumbo paper cups, not a mug, and they don't last that long, so I'm sure it was a new one every time. It made me wonder if he just ate out on days we had class or if he ate at McDonald's every day. Maybe he did just save that same cup and reuse it all the time.

On the first day of class, we took a pretest. We were promised that anyone who received higher than a certain score (maybe 70) could receive an automatic A in the class and wouldn't have to attend the rest of the semester. The test was basically a preview of the final exam, and it was hard. Nobody came anywhere close. It does make me wonder what he did with the test results. I don't know if he used the results to actually determine where we were knowledgeable and where we lacked in aggregate to guide his lectures. I've always thought it was a great idea but have never seen anyone else start off a class this way.

This class covered the basics of the OSI model and various network configurations and equipment. It was a pretty basic intro to get us familiar with all kinds of networking terminology but not to a point that we could actually do much with it, especially given that many of the technologies we talked about were old and not used much anymore, except in legacy environments. For what it was, it was a reasonable introduction to networking.

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