Sunday, September 11, 2011

Computer Science II

I remember the room this CS course was in, one that I would later teach computer literacy courses in. We were continuing on in C++, which is what I had primarily worked with in the other programming classes I had taken up to this point.

I remember that we talked about multidimensional arrays, which made sense to me, and pointers, which didn't make sense to me. Which still don't make sense to me, beyond a superficial level anyway. I remember doing a lot more with inputting from and outputting to files rather than just prompts on the screen.

The programming was starting to get harder, and I was dealing with more of the frustration/joy cycle working out bugs in the programs I was writing. I still thought I wanted to be a programmer, and I started to think about changing from Electrical and Computer Engineering to Computer Science. I remember a roommate and I introducing ourselves at some get to know you thing. He went just before me, telling his name and that he was majoring in Business Information Systems, since he liked computers but didn't like programming. I went right after him, telling my name and that I was going into Computer Science, because I did like to program. Yeah, we'll see how long that would last.

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