Monday, January 17, 2011

Academic Advantage Scam ...or not

It's funny how sometimes in an attempt to prevent something from happening, people will actually cause the very thing they were trying to prevent in the first place.

It seems to happen more often on the Internet, but I have seen it in real life, too.

The most recent Internet story is of the tutoring company Academic Advantage who sent a takedown notice to BoingBoing, because the words 'academic', 'advantage', and 'scam' were all on the same page, not necessarily next to each other, and talking about a completely unrelated story to whether or not the tutoring company is a scam. I don't even care if they are or not. If they had read the original story, they'd probably know that it's not talking about them. Even if it was talking about them, if they knew anything about BoingBoing and its readers, they'd know to leave it alone and let it die away quietly instead of bringing more attention to themselves.

The real life example that comes to mind is a few years ago right here in Logan, when a planned PETA protest at the KFC actually ended in a counterprotest. News of PETA's plans attracted one of the largest lunch crowds that store had ever seen. I had considered going down there for lunch that day myself, but couldn't make it because of something else going on. Of course that was before Oprah's free meal fiasco when I ate there so many times over a month or so that I don't think I can step foot in a KFC again.

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