Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Breaking News

This just posted on the Salt Lake Tribune website:

The Salt Lake Tribune wants to remind readers that The Tribune’s articles, photographs and other content are protected by the federal Copyright Act, and legally cannot be reproduced elsewhere without written permission from The Tribune.

All content in The Salt Lake Tribune’s print editions and on The Tribune ’s websites, including, is copyright protected.

See the original story for more information. Yes, it's actually a story.

I'm pretty sure if I include the following quotes from the story, it will still be just a little less than half, so will not be considered most of the story and will thus be okay.

The law allows people to quote a small amount of a copyrighted story so as to be able to comment on it, and even criticize it. ... But copyright law does not allow anyone to copy and display most or all of a story, photograph or graphic. To do so is a violation of our copyright and we will use all legal remedies available to address such infringements.

I'm pretty easy to find, Tim, so give me a call if you have any problems.

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