Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sending Mixed Signals?

We're heading up to go skiing at Beaver Mountain with the family tonight, which is always fun. Starting to get ready reminded me of the mixed signals Utah State sends when it comes to winter activities on campus. I love sledding on Old Main Hill, and ice blocking in the summer is also fun.

The student association lists sledding down the hill as an important campus tradition.

Then there's this video put out by the university highlighting the winter recreation close by campus. The whole video is great. Jump to 2:38 for video of people sledding on Old Main, and at 3:01, it blows me away what the dude does while skiing down the hill.

Just don't tell the risk management office what you're doing or you'll be severely warned about how dangerous it is.

I just wonder which way they want it. Is it a dangerous activity that the university should warn us to avoid or an advertisement to attract students to USU? I, for one, am receiving mixed signals.

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