Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Several neighbor kids were over, and everyone decided to play charades. Most of them selected relatively innocuous people, places, or things to act out like a football player or a chicken or baking a cake.

I was in the other room, so while I could hear what was going on, I couldn't see how everything was acted out. I was tempted to come play along when one particular child acted out the following, all of which had to be explained since no one could guess them:

  • a dead dog
  • a frozen person
  • a mummy
  • a bear getting shot by a hunter

It seems that most of those would at some point look largely the same as each other, holding still with a strange look on one's face. I wonder what else you could act out that would look exactly the same, although perhaps slightly less moribund? A thief caught in a spotlight? A very slow mime? A sleeping sloth?

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