Thursday, May 10, 2012

Search Results

It's always interesting to look at what people searched for to find you. I've written previously how a lot of people find my site looking for information about andragogy. I do try to talk about andragogy when I can, but I haven't gotten around to writing any real substantive posts on the topic lately. Looking at the numbers, there are still a lot of people out there looking it up, so I've still got it on my list to write more about.

Looking at some of the other ways people have found my site since the beginning of the year, I have to wonder if there are some other items worth discussion in greater detail:

  • arizona buildings that are funny
  • billiards business card
    • not recommended, as it's harder to hustle someone if they know you play enough to have business cards made
  • beyond a reasonable doubt chart
  • i am an andragogy learner
    • aren't we all?
  • i believe in mandatory education
    • okay, but wikipedia calls it compulsory education, so I'd appreciate it if you used the correct, crowd-sourced, neutral terminology
  • things learned in calculus
    • N/A
  • "reliability means to you"
    • as my grandpappy Ol' Reliable used to say...I don't recollect if I've ever mentioned Ol' Reliable before...
  • aladdin city
  • explain the role of drivers in a network discussing their relationship to the nos and osi model
    • a driver is software that facilitates communication between the operating system and hardware; as such, it operates at the data link layer of the OSI model, particularly the MAC sublayer, although depending on the protocol and the operating system could function elsewhere; the NOS is an embedded operating system in a network device, operating at the network layer of the OSI model; so the driver effectively links the NOS and the physical layer; aren't you glad you asked?
  • people that use #,,, with twitter are lame
    • in facebook, yes, but in twitter? sorry, the hashtag actually serves a useful purpose in twitter, primarily to make jokes instantly funnier #especiallywhenyourunabunchofwordstogetherwithit #idontknowaboutthecommas
  • worlds most hardest math problem
    • I'll get back to you, but in the mean time maybe we can talk about your most hardest grammar problem
  • blogs+wikipedia+mba+legal and ethics intext:mba
    • whoa, slow down you want an mba-related site that includes the words blogs, wikipedia, legal, and ethics, but you don't want to include nonprofits, Canadian sites, informational sites, US government sites, or higher ed sites...okay, you got can I help?

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joel gardner said...

Loved the list, Rob. Very funny.