Saturday, July 9, 2011

Campfire Cooking

I have other places I usually write about cooking and recipes, but these are too good to not spread the news.

Campfire cooking is great, whether on a stick, in a Dutch oven, foil dinners, or whatever. Following up the main course with s'mores over the dying embers is as much of a tradition as camping itself.

If you're willing to try a new tradition in campfire cooking, cook up a biscuit cup with a dough boy stick, and fill with either dinner or dessert (or both, although preferably not at the same time).

A nutella and raspberry filled dough boy topped with whipped cream will make you forget the last s'more you had. Or if you don't want to break tradition too much, insert the chocolate bar and roasted marshmallow into the dough boy shell instead of using a graham cracker.

For full disclosure, while I know the people behind the dough boy magic, I have not been given free products by them. I am very open to the possibility, though. Very deliciously open.

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