Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Me: Chocolate muffin, please.

Coffee Shop Girl: Would you like light, dark, or pumpkin?

Me: Chocolate.

Coffee Shop Girl: Which kind do you want?

Me: Chocolate. [a little slower]

Coffee Shop Girl: There are three different kinds: light, dark, and pumpkin.

Me: I just want chocolate. [pointing to chocolate muffin behind glass]

Coffee Shop Girl: [Pulls out a regular muffin with chocolate chips.]

Me: I wanted the chocolate one. [pointing again]

Coffee Shop Girl: Oh, so you want the double chocolate. [Pulls out chocolate muffin.]

It wasn't until she pointed out my mistake in calling it chocolate, instead of double chocolate that I figured out her confusion. I just thought she couldn't hear me or something. No, she was blinded by the chocolate chips. You'd think that someone who sells muffins for a living would understand the difference between a pastry that is substantially chocolate and one that is accented with chocolate chips. She did well at covering her frustration, although I could still tell it was there. But what else was I to say? At least I was able to provide her a stupid customer story that she can complain about to her barista friends.

In a semi-related incident at the bagel shop a year or so ago, I learned that bagel people don't like it when you use the term 'fruity bagels.' I told them I wanted a dozen assorted but didn't want any fruity ones. I wanted the good ones that people actually eat, with cheese and garlic and herbs and sunflower seeds. Apparently, the kinds with fruit in them are 'breakfast bagels.'

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Brenda said...

That's why she works at a coffee shop. 'Nuff said.