Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pumpkin Walk 2008

This year's North Logan Pumpkin Walk was made all the better by excellent weather. Bob Marley made an appearance again this year, like he did last year. This year's theme was Calling All Heroes.

It is fitting that one of the first scenes included the all-time greatest hero, Batman:

The following is the left side of a scene honoring local hero Brent Carpenter. It's easy to notice the first funny thing about the picture, which is my son posing in the scene right behind the sign that says to stay out of the scenes. Did you notice the other thing that's out of place? The school bus is driving on the wrong side of the road:

Every child of the 80's hero, Mr. T, reminding us to stay in school:

This is supposed to be Mr. Beutler, on whose farm the first Pumpkin Walk took place. For some reason, he reminded me of Boss Godfrey in Cool Hand Luke:

They always have a scene near the end relating to something currently going on. A few years ago, there was a scene titled Martha Stewart Living in Jail. This year, it was a political scene, with the too old and too young candidates rocking back and forth:

There were also some neat paintings. Several caught my eye, but I particularly liked this one:

Let the wild rumpus start!

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